Message from Bishop Rob Hardwick

At the heart of our life in the Church is God’s mission—the mission we all share to bring about a new creation where community flourishes and lives are renewed through justice, love, healing and reconciliation. In this vision God is honoured in all things. Together with Abraham and Sarah; together with Moses, Aaron and Miriam; together with prophets and judges; together with Mary and the Apostles, and most deeply with Jesus of Nazareth, we are called to be partners with God in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and in working to bring God’s creation to fruition.

Living the Mission is a mission-focused fundraising initiative. It is a partnership between parish, diocese and the Anglican Church of Canada. As such, I ask that all of us invest in this initiative by sharing our time, knowledge, faith, skills and wealth. Our goal will be to enable, equip and engage the people of the Church for mission in our rapidly changing world. Every parishioner will be asked to make a generous and sacrificial five- year pledge. These financial gifts will help fund missional projects in your parish and on-going mission and ministry work across the diocese and will also help support projects of the National Church.

We have seen positive changes already through the diocesan Mission Action Plan which has been funded by limited resources released by the diocesan synod. The monies raised in this broad new financial stewardship initiative, Living the Mission, will further equip the saints for mission and ministry across our diocese and beyond for years to come.

This is a pivotal time in our diocese. People are searching for what the Anglican Church can offer their children, their communities and the world. Now, the time is ripe for us to movefrom maintenance to mission. The importance of this financial stewardship initiative cannot be overstated. I pray that you will join me in giving sacrificially to this initiative and in praying for all involved. Let us pray that we might see God’s miraculous hand at work and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon us as we journey Living the Mission from creation to new creation.

Campaign Prayer

Faithful and loving God, you call us to be disciples of your Son
and co-creators in your mission.

Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper
appreciation of your countless blessings.

Transform us through the power of your Spirit
to enable a way of life marked by faith-filled prayer;
to equip congregations for mission and ministry;
and to engage all in outreach and in the generous sharing of our faith.

Bless the Living the Mission campaign with a deepening devotion to prayer,
a growing commitment to service, and an increased level of generosity
as we work together toadvance the mission of every parish in our diocese,
through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.