Current Students

We are excited to offer a new way to learn in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle. Empowered with Google Classroom and Google Apps, we can learn together and online like never before.

Study from anywhere.

Access all of your course materials in one place -- articles, course readings, videos -- delivered to you online, in your web browser or on your mobile device.

Attend your class remotely with video conferencing.

Ask questions, take part in class discussion, see and hear in real time. Take control of the screen with a press of a button to make a class presentation.

Connect with your instructor and fellow students.

Post a comment or question for the whole class to see, or use the class list to quickly send an email to an instructor or classmate. Use Google Hangouts to make a free phone call, or start a group discussion or video chat. Collaborate on group projects from afar with Google Drive’s file sharing.

Stay on top of your student work.

Complete your assignments from anywhere, even on your phone or tablet. Receive automated alerts when assignment deadlines are approaching. Submit your assignments, and receive your grade and instructor feedback online. View your grades for all your assignments and courses to keep track of your progress.

Register online.

Our website now offers online registration and online payment (credit cards and PayPal). With a member account, you can easily keep track of your course invoices.