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In 2012 an immigrant family, refugees from Iraq via Syria were sponsored by the Diocese of Qu’Appelle in honour of PWRDRF50.  A local family hosted the family for the first few days while an apartment was being outfitted with donated furnishings and clothing.  Another individual assisted with the paperwork which enabled the family to obtain their SIN numbers, the Universal Child Care benefit, their Saskatchewan Health card, telephone, cable television (basic), electricity service, bus passes and banking access.

The husband began daily language classes at the Regina Open Door Society (RODS) and acquired sufficient English to continue his career as a cook. The wife began once- a-week language classes at the Regina Public Library prior to continuing with RODS.

Initially volunteers took turns with driving the family regularly for shopping. This eventually transitioned into self-sufficiency. They do continue to require assistance with on a regular basis with their mail, medical and dental appointments.

Although the family members are Assyrian Christians (Orthodox), they regularly attend Sunday services in one of the local Anglican congregations.

Submitted by
Ralph Paragg, Chair PWRDF50 Committee