Anglican Church Women

Our purpose as Anglican Women is:  To unite all women of the Diocese in a fellowship of worship, study and offering, which will deepen and strengthen their own spiritual lives, and will lead them into a Christian service in the congregation, parish, community, diocese, nation and the world.

Diocesan past president Edith Maddaford writes, "I would encourage us as women in our churches to take a look at our purpose and to think about certain words and their placement in the purpose. First, note the word “all”. Second, that worship (and prayer) comes first in the list of “fellowship”. Third, that what we do is, first of all, to deepen and strengthen our “own” spiritual lives that will “then” lead us into the Christian service that we are able to do (no matter the number or the age.) Finally our offering is much more than money. I feel that offering the support and positive encouragement that we give to each other in our fellowship together is so important in helping us to reach out spiritually  to those around us."

Daily Prayer

Blessed Jesus, draw us all closer to You and to one another, as we work for the good of Your kingdom on Earth. Give us strength to follow Your blessed example, and do Your will, not ours. Banish from our minds unkind or unholy thoughts. Keep us from speaking words that may do harm. Teach us by the Holy Spirit to work for Your glory, and the salvation of all people, until we come to Your kingdom. We pray this in the name of the One God: Creator, Redeemer and Comforter. Amen

National ACW Prayer

Almighty God, we pray for Your blessing and grace on our work and witness as Anglican Church Women in Canada. We give You thanks and praise for giving us wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that we may serve You in spirit and truth. Called to be Your church, may our study, learning, worship and service be always to Your glory and the building of Your kingdom in our communities and throughout the world. In our ministry may we always respond to the needs of others with Your love. We pray in the name of the One who redeemed and loves us, Your Son, Jesus our Saviour. Amen

Diocesan ACW Executive - 2023

President - vacant

Vice President - Edith Maddaford

Recording Secretary - Sharon Gibler

Past President - Sally Bishop

Correspondence secretary - Sandra Kerr

Chaplain - Rev. Rita Brann