Companion Dioceses

The Anglican Church is a world wide Communion and we find opportunities for ministry and education through the development of world-wide partnerships. The Diocese of Qu'Appelle is linked with the Diocese of Lichfield in England and the Diocese of Muyinga in Burundi.  We have been able to send teams to Lichfield to experience their time, place and ministry. Our Bishops have had the opportunity to visit partner dioceses on several occasions.

From 2010 to 2014 the Diocese of Qu'Appelle has the opportunity to provide the funds for Alexis, a young deacon from Burundi to complete a degree in coummunity health.

Our next project under consideration is raising funds to provide books and educational materials for the Anglican Seminary in Muyinga. There is also a visit planned by Bishop Rob to the Diocese of Muyinga in May 2015 to met with African Bishops and to assess the needs of our companion diocese.

Contributed by
The Reverend Susan Page