Ensuring Sustainability Approved

Ensuring Sustainability: A "Best Practices" Risk Management Package for Parishes

At the June 2, 2018 meeting of Diocesan Council, this document was reviewed and discussed. It was agreed that, upon approval, the current resource would be posted to the website for parish use, with edits/updating being completed as required.

MOTION (Bob Hawkins/Wilma Woods) to approve the "Ensuring Sustainability" resource for use within the Diocese of Qu'Appelle. CARRIED.

FOREWORD (from Ensuring Sustainability)

The attached resource document is designed to provide a "best practices" risk management package for parishes, with a particular focus on smaller parishes and congregations.

It consists of an easily understood commentary as well as appropriate templates in a church-friendly format that does not require extensive resources or expertise to implement.

Like all resources, not every item will be applicable to every situation. Each parish will need to make its own decisions about what is most useful for its circumstances.

This resource package is made available to you at no charge. We hope that you will find it useful to your own special ministry and mission.

June 28, 2019 | Synod Office