Camp Harding Maintenance Supervisor

Posted: February 14, 2024
Closes: March 31, 2024


Diocese of Qu'Appelle

Camp Harding, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, SK


Diocese of Qu'Appelle

[email protected]



REPORTS TO:   Camp Director

HOURS: as needed from May 31 to September 1, 2024


$1,750 for the season plus a season park pass

Basic, on-site accommodation is available, if needed, with use of the kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities


Reporting to the Camp Director, the supervisor is responsible for the cleaning, repair and maintenance of Camp Harding buildings and equipment, within their skill set, and upkeep of the grounds. The Maintenance supervisor consistently implements the highest standards for safety and teamwork. The workload is consistently managed with collaborative practices and cost-effective use of resources. The Camp Director will provide an orientation, including a basic overview of the camp property, risk management and maintenance procedures.

The Camp Director will provide a list of required tasks to be completed each week.

May 31 – June 1

With other staff/volunteers, helps to “open” the camp, ensuring the facilities are prepared for health inspection;

Prepares list of maintenance tasks that will require completion before the first camp.

Tasks during the season will vary but will include:

Cutting down weeds

Gathering and stacking deadfall

Addressing any maintenance issues brought to his/her attention

Ensuring outside camp areas are tidy and garbage is picked up

Daily checking and resetting mouse traps

Daily checking and replacing fly traps

Keeping a record of all pest control measures, including what pests are suspected, where and how the problem is being addressed, as well as any maintenance tasks – maintenance log in Risk Management binder

Contacting appointed company for emptying when sewage tank alarm/strobe light is lit

Meeting with outside contractors to give access for specific maintenance projects

Immediately prior to each camp or rental term:

ensures washrooms are adequately stocked with supplies (toilet paper, hand soap, garbage bags, and paper towel)

cleans and sanitizes washroom and shower facilities

dusts, sweeps (and mops, if needed) all cabins

wipes down all vinyl mattresses in cabins

dusts, sweeps (and mops, if needed) Jackson Hall, the back entrance and the craft room

cleans up any garbage or lost and found items in buildings

wipes down and sanitizes the kitchen sink, counters and all preparation, eating surfaces and the back entrance sink

sweeps and mops the kitchen floor

check and replace all fly traps in cabins, kitchen and hall

ensures all lightbulbs and other electrical equipment is in good working order

from Home Hardware in Maple Creek, purchases any bathroom or other maintenance supplies are low in inventory (light bulbs, 9 V batteries for smoke detectors, kitchen garbage bags, bathroom cleaning and dusting supplies, pest control items)

Ensures an adequate supply of lighters/firestarter/kindling/firewood is available (and properly stored so as to avoid getting wet) for the coming program or rental

Conducts “prior to camp” fire safety check (see Fire Safety document – 003-e)

Daily during camps:

conducts “daily” fire safety check 
cleans bathrooms and replaces supplies
checks and replaces all fly traps in cabins, kitchen and hall
sweeps Jackson Hall

empties garbages in kitchens and bathrooms during camp and transports waste DAILY to the Triways bin at the entrance

Starts campfire each evening, as needed

After last camp of the season (August 31-Sept 1):

With other staff/volunteers, helps to “close” the camp at the end of the season, ensuring the facilities are prepared for winter shut-down

Ensures locks are secure and do not need replacement

Prepares list of maintenance tasks that will require completion next spring

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to [email protected].


Task oriented

Good time management

Must be “on call” and available during each camp program and rental term to troubleshoot and address maintenance issues that arise