Refugee Sponsorship Coordinator (RSC)

Posted: August 16, 2023
Closes: September 5, 2023


Diocese of Qu'Appelle

1501 College Ave., Regina, SK, S4P 1B8


Archdeacon Catherine Harper

[email protected]



Description of Role:
The RSC leads the Refugee sponsorship program of the Diocese.

The duties include:
- Enabling the sponsorship of refugees overseas by relatives (cosponsors) who live within the boundaries of the Diocese (family-linked sponsorship);
- Enabling the sponsorship of refugees abroad by a Parish or Constituent Group (CG) within the Diocese;
- Meeting with prospective cosponsors to discuss the terms and conditions of sponsorship to determine if they are “fit, willing and able” to be cosponsors (we are prohibited from undertaking refugee sponsorships with people on social assistance);
- Explaining the sponsorship process and the division of labour between the RSC and the prospective family co-sponsors;
- Making recommendations for sponsorship to the Vestries and Parish Councils within the Diocese.
- Calculating the financial cost of refugee sponsorship and the money family cosponsors must leave with the Diocese to carry out the sponsorship. (The funds are held in trust by the Diocese and the money is paid out in 12 monthly installments to the refugee(s) after arrival);
- Reviewing the applications forms received from family and CG cosponsors, and preparing the sponsorship undertaking and settlement plans for the signature of the Executive Archdeacon/ or person with signing authority for the Diocese;
- Forwarding the completed application package to Immigration, Refugees and Canada Citizenship (IRCC) in the required electronic format;
- Maintaining database of number of refugee sponsorships annually, their file number, and date of arrival. (There is typically a lag of two to three years between the application date and the arrival date);
- Maintaining database of money received from cosponsors and transferred to the Diocesan Trust Fund (DTF), and money paid out to arrivals from the DTF in consultation with the Financial Officer;
- Contacting family cosponsors to find out if the refugee(s) they have sponsored have taken their English language test, their placement in language classes, setup a bank account, their application for Saskatchewan Health Card, their receipt of SIN number, their application for the Canada Child Benefit, the enrollment of children in school, and their employment status;
- Responding to e-mails from IRCC, and preparing letters for the signature of the signing authority in the Diocese;
- Representing the Diocese on zoom meetings, meeting of the SAH Association, and annual Conference with IRCC;
- Keeping abreast of policy developments and changes affecting sponsorships by attending various zoom meetings, attending via Zoom RSTP meetings ad training sessions.
- Preparing the annual report and expression of interest (EOI) for IRCC. Qualities and

This is a part-time position:
Salary/Honorarium: $1,000.00 per month, with an anticipated average of 12 hours per week.

Start date: October 2nd 2023

Apply to:
The Diocese of Qu’Appelle
Attn. Archdeacon Catherine Harper

1501 College Ave.
Regina, SK. S4P 1B8
or email your cv and cover letter to [email protected]

The deadline for applications is September 5th 2023


- Awareness of settlement issues;
- Experience working with immigrant and refugee communities or other vulnerable minority communities would be an asset;
- Strong interpersonal skills and relationship building qualities;
- Ability to work both independently and collaboratively;
- Excellent record-keeping skills;
- Excellent communication skills, verbal and written;
- Compassion and sensitivity to the trauma of individuals and groups;
- Sensitivity to cross-cultural situations;
- Ability to work with confidential and sensitive material;
- Willingness to work on weekends and after regular business hours as needed;
- Good computer skills;
- Criminal Records check and vulnerable sector check required.