Diocesan Synod 2017

The 80th Sitting of the Synod of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle was held on October 20-22, 2017 at St Paul's Cathedral in Regina.

Documents and audio files from Bishop Rob Hardwick are attached.

Audio files are also provided for:

  • our guest speaker Melanie Delva, Reconciliation Animator for the Anglican Church of Canada;
  • PWRDF Director, Will Postma's presentation
  • the Theological Reflections presented by The Rev. Canon Claude Schroeder, The Rev. Dr. Dustin Resch, The Very Rev. Mike Sinclair and The Rev. Canon Cheryl Toth.


Theological Reflection #4 Rev Canon Toth (mp3) ()
Bishop's Charge 2017 (DOCX)
Bishop's Charge 2017 (mp3) (MP3)
Bishop's Closing Remarks 2017 (DOCX)
Audited Financial Statements 2016 (PDF)
Bishop's Closing Remarks 2017 (mp3) (MP3)
Melanie Delva, Closing (mp3) (MP3)
Melanie Delva #1 (mp3) (MP3)
Melanie Delva #2 (mp3) (MP3)
Melanie Delva #3 (mp3) (MP3)
Melanie Delva #4 (mp3) (MP3)
Theological Reflection #4 Rev Canon Toth (mp3) (MP3)
Theological Reflection #1 Rev Canon Schroeder (mp3) (MP3)
Theological Reflection #2 Rev Dr Resch (mp3) (MP3)
Theological Reflection #3 Very Rev Sinclair (mp3) (MP3)
PWRDF Will Postma (mp3) (MP3)
November 24, 2017 | Synod Office